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Business Law

Orange County business attorney

Whether they run sole proprietorships, partnerships or large corporations, business owners today have to navigate treacherous and litigious waters continually. State and federal regulatory laws alone can cause significant problems for the business owner. It is important to the health of your company to have a working relationship with an Orange County business attorney who has the experience, knowledge and dedication to represent your interests.


Representation Geared to Your Needs

It is useful to begin a relationship with your Orange County business lawyer at the point when you form your company. An attorney can help you determine what form of business will best suit your needs, providing the best protection of your personal assets and least tax liability. A lawyer can also provide you with advice on day to day operations.

For example, if you are considering the purchase of land in order to expand your operation, your attorney can help you ascertain whether a given property is optimal for this purpose and your overall business plan is best served by such a purchase. Ultimately, a strong and reliable Orange County business attorney can serve your business from its inception to its liquidation.


Specific Legal Issues Businesses Face

The very nature of business operations today necessitates having an attorney in your employ. You never know what legal dispute may arise until you are faced with it. Dealing with a lawsuit while trying to keep your business operational can be very challenging, but attorney Stephen J. Mooney can help.

Among the matters for which you may need legal assistance are:

• Business formation and dissolution

• Contract disputes

• Shareholder/partner disputes

• Breach of Trust

• Employee disputes

• Problems with management

• Real estate transactions

• Sales of good

• Lawsuit defense/Litigation


An Orange County Business Lawyer Can Help

If you operate a business in California you understand the legal challenges that need to be addressed continually. It is very important that you develop a business relationship with an Orange County business attorney who will represent your interests when problems arise. Call Stephen J. Mooney, Attorney at Law, at (949)453-0310 today.