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Orange County litigation attorneyLitigation is the act of carrying out a lawsuit in a court of law. It encompasses many different subjects. First, a Summons is issued along with a complaint. Those documents are served on the person being sued. Then the person being sued has to answer the complaint or else a default judgment will be taken against that person. That is good for the one suing, and very bad for the one being sued.


We can help anyone that wants to sue somebody or has been sued by somebody. Call to make an appointment and we will evaluate whether or not you have a case. If you are being sued, make an appointment so we can arrange to defend you.


Examples of cases that are litigated are accidents, product liability, contract disputes, class action lawsuits, real estate matters, partnerships and business-related lawsuits, liens, mechanics liens, property liens, product liability, torts, defamation, slander, fraud, negligence, emotional distress, assault and battery, commercial transactions, wrongful death, accidents involving automobiles, taxis, trucks, trains and planes, and employment-related disputes.


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